fountain terryc.pngVVVVVV and Super Hexagon developer Terry Cavanagh's Ludum Dare 28 entry, Fountain, offers a bit of panic in its exploration. While I'm not sure what _exactly_ to do, so far I've gathered four shiny things in one round before turning into a pile of bones and found it all a bit thrilling.

Fountain seems to play with the "you only get one" theme centering around life. However, players quickly learn they can extend that life by sipping from the fountain of youth in the beginning of the game. As players begin to explore, the effects of that magical elixir become clear.

While I haven't run into any enemies, time and my own curiosity have proven greater obstacles to overcome. Even without a win condition, I think it's interesting to observe the aging aesthetics, and the accelerated rate at which they age, after each dip in the fountain.

I wish you long-lasting passage with Terry Cavanagh's Fountain.

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