You've got to hand it to Scoutmasters everywhere. They take groups of kids, who are by definition inexperienced and are usually difficult to control, into unpredictable and dangerous forests to camp. It's got to be a stressful situation even if bears don't attack. But imagine if they did. You'd have a situation like Holy Crap, Bears! on your hands.

Navigating the campsites to save the children and the troop mascot, a chicken named Mr. Peck, is a tense affair. The controls are simple: You simply drag the Scoutmaster around with your mouse. A dim lantern light the immediate area around you. Stray too close to a bear and you become tastier than the insides of a pic-a-nic basket. Completing a level in under 10 seconds will net you a star, but sometimes it's tough to be quick. The bears could be anywhere that isn't lit. Which is coincidentally the same place you have to travel through to reach your group's fowl mascot.

You can buy powerups in between worlds using your points to help ease your task, like a teleportation device or flare gun which illuminates a level, revealing the location of your grizzly assailants. The one-time-use items Megadev included are nice, but they take a bit of the mood away in my opinion. If you're going to sneak past bears, do it with some courage. Holy Crap, Bears! is browser-based and free over at Adult Swim. Why not help save the Scouts?