Ludum Dare entry Titan Souls is far and away one of the best entries into the contest I've played. Not just for this contest, but any that have been held before. In a nutshell, it's Shadow of the Colossus meets The Legend of Zelda. And it's awfully amazing.

There are four temples, each corresponding to the common points on a compass. You'll need to defeat the titan residing in each one to complete the game. The fights are quick, clever little bouts that require the use of your one and only arrow. Once fired, it can be picked back up for future offensive attempts. You can also roll, which is a godsend when a gigantic stone deity is rolling toward you.

It's a quick, but challenging experience, with fantastic graphics and a thoughtful soundtrack. It's one of the best Ludum Dare games yet, and it's playable in your browser right now.

[Play Titan Souls here via NeoGAF]