handlewithcare.pngHandle With Care is an adorable game made for Ludum Dare 28 by Yann Pellegrini. The graphics are colorful and simple, and although the double-jump controls are a bit wonky and can be frustrating until you get used to them, Yann's incorporation of the You Only Get One theme has led to a platformer where falling leads to a fate sadder than death.

In the first level of the game, you obtain a very fragile key, a master key to all the doors in all the levels. Once you pick it up, all you have to do is carry it to the door and get out to go to the next level. The catch is that if the key gets knocked out of your hand, which can happen if you fall too far or get hit by an enemy, it goes flying. If it flies too far and hits the ground too hard, which is almost always the case, it shatters as though it were made of glass. You only get one key, and if you're not careful, your avatar will be reduced to tears. Adorable tears, but tears nonetheless.

The double jump is introduced in the third stage, and seems to be where most players just stop playing. Yann made it so that you can't hold the normal jump button when activating the double jump. It makes controlling the character a little difficult, but it's a difficulty that can be overcome. The game has save points so that you only have to go back so far if you lose your key. It also sounds like he's planning to make a post-compo version with that problem fixed.

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