samurai gunn dramatic.jpgThe Teknopants-designed and Doseone-orchestrated Samurai Gunn suddenly released today for Windows, with the help of publisher Maxistentialism. Every fighter in this local samurai showdown has a sword for slicing and deflecting and a gun, with only 3 bullets per life. While primarily a local co-op battler, Beau Blyth has added a single player survival mode for practicing the 20-plus stages and general mechanics.

The game accents every successful hit with a dramatic pause along with an extra dramatic zoom-in for the final blow, reminding me of the most wonderful samurai showdown without the middle "w". It also feels and looks very satisfying when simply chopping up the enviornments into chunky, sometimes deadly, pixels.

That said, I can't see myself playing this for too long in single player mode. This is also about the guts and glory of playing with other humans. Samurai Gunn is available through the Humble Store or Steam for Windows for $11.99, which is a 20% off price set through the holiday season. PS4 and Vita versions are still planned for 2014.

Hopefully the future will also bring a Samurai Gunn vs TowerFall crossover. Just sayin': swords, bows, and guns. I want to see who will win.