cubicsp3a.pngAccording to Flixel creator Adam Saltsman, Cubic Space is a puzzle-survival game that draws inspiration from an unreleased prototype, a board game, and FTL: Faster Than Light. In it, players are given a set of four dice each round to decide which ones to put into play first. Choosing a red die causes the enemy to atttack, while the blue and green dice restore your ship's shields and laser energy.

Every level consists of exactly four rounds and sixteen dice. Four dice are selected at random for each round, but a level will always have eight red dice, four greens and four blue ones to put into play. Players can reroll the dice up to six times, and this ability is replenished by one point for every level completed.

Your ship is allowed to have up to six points for shields, lasers, and rerolls. All extra points beyond that are discarded if you collect them. When your shields are depleted, one single hit is all it takes to destroy your spacecraft and end the game.

Players can convert three shield and three energy points for one multiplier token. When you've beaten the game (or die trying), the number of levels you've survived will be multiplied with the amount of point tokens generated. This is then added together with the number of energy, shields and rerolls that are left at the end of the final stage.

Cubic Space is playable now at at Adam Atomic's site.

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