daedalus.pngDaedalus is a multiplayer top down shooter that is still in development, currently offering just the deathmatch and team deathmatch options for one official map. Bots with configurable AI settings can be enabled for single-player games, or you can just go on the internet and duke it out with other players online.

There are seven types of weapons to choose from. Starting out with just the machine gun, players can acquire classics such as the shotgun and railgun, or go for new additions with names like hot stuff, big mama and the disperser (which is essentially a rocket launcher). You can also pick up medipacks and shields, though they are usually placed in open areas with very little cover around them.

Internet play is already supported in this version, with a couple of online games currently going on and hosted on a server located in France. Promised features for the final release include a capture the flag mode and a map editor, though the test build is very playable even without these options.

The alpha demo for Windows, Mac and Linux are available from Daedalus' official download page linked below.

[Download Daedalus]