deadlyb2b.jpegDeadly Bullet is an arcade game in which players get to control the flight trajectory of a bullet as it travels across town killing bad guys. You lose a bullet when it hits a non-movable object like a shipping container or the side of a building. Every enemy killed rewards you with experience points that can be used to unlock upgrades like extra item slots or new maps in the shop.

Besides shooting down enemies, you also earn XP by making crates and barrels explode. Any power-up items you acquire can be stored for later use, though there's a limit to how many of them you can carry around with you. The ultrafreeze ability slows down time, mobsucker attracts enemies toward you, and bulletsplit sends out three more projectiles that'll home in on the locations of nearby baddies.

Deadly Bullet is a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

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