dreamings.pngPartly inspired by the Japanese adventure game Yume Nikki, Atrativa GameHouse's Dreaming Sarah is a 2D platformer that tells the story of a girl trapped inside a dream world while in a comatose state. She'll have to go around collecting trinkets and talking to other characters who might be able to assist her with her escape, and there are a couple of simple puzzles to solve as well for good measure.

Some of the items that you acquire can help you on your journey, but it is up to the player to figure out where and when to use them. A chat bubble with an exclamation mark will appear if an object in the scenery can be interacted with. Dying is of little consequence as well, since you'll just start again from a point that's very close to where you met your demise.

The demo is pretty short and can be completed in less than an hour, although much of that time is spent on backtracking and returning to areas that you have previously explored. You can download the preview build of Dreaming Sarah (or play it on your browser) by visiting the official site linked below. The full release is slated for January 2014.

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