Snake is the concept that just won't die. Countless versions of the cellphone-game-that-could have release, and a few of them are awesome, like the artsy qrth-phyl or mutliplayer battler Snake360. Snake Blocks is the next game to use the concept uniquely.

I've learned that Spooky Cat is a nefarious developer, as Snake Blocks is not easy. The concept is simple to understand: move the snake to its resting position in a certain number of moves. The higher the level, the more complex the puzzles, and the greater number of snakes you'll need to move around. Just like the original Snake, you can't move through areas you've already occupied.

I'm not ashamed to say I was unable to complete the final stage in the demo, despite trying for over half-an-hour. I'm sure there's a solution there somewhere, but it stumped me outright. The full release, which contains over 50 stages and a level editor, is available through the official site for $5 for Windows, Mac and Linux. The demo is also available at the same location as well.