cwoun2a.jpgExcavatorrr 2: CWOUN is a remake of Arvi Teikari's Ludum Dare entry from way back in 2009. The sequel features much improved graphics that is pleasing to the eye and a departure from the Atari-styled sprites used in the original. Comparisons between this and Derek Yu's Spelunky are inevitable, though Hempuli's game contains enough differences to make it stand out on its own.

The objective here is to find the Golden Crown hidden somewhere inside the procedural-generated underground maze. Our brave adventurer can only carry a maximum of two items at a time, so you have to manage your inventory carefully while retrieving treasures to sell at the shop and purchasing the right tools to deal with enemy encounters.

cwoun2b.jpgEnemies can be dispatched in a variety of ways. The pickaxe is very effective in cutting down goblins, bats and skeletons, while blasts from a dynamite or bomb will kill everything in its radius. When thrown properly, the spike ball can hurt anything that it touches. Other items such as the ladders, springboards and balloons can all be used to travel upwards.

You can grab the freeware Windows version now from Hempuli's site.

[Download Excavatorrr 2: CWOUN]