firepoint2b.pngCesque's Fire Point is a 2D platformer which lets you take on the role of a fireman, putting out fires and saving lives wherever your services are needed. There are two ways to douse the burning flames - you can either use the water hose on your fire engine truck or grab an extinguisher inside the building and put them to good use.

Occasionally you will find doors which are stuck, so you'll have to grab an axe to smash them into pieces to get to the civilians. The ladder on your truck will be useful for reaching floors that do not have conventional staircases or safe passages connecting to them.

To rescue people from the fire, you have to bring them out into the open so that they may run away to safety. Sometimes you'll need to carry them on your shoulders or throw them out of windows, but do take note that they will die from a fall if they're too high off the ground.

Fire Point is available to download now from GameJolt. If you manage to beat the last stage, stick around and watch the credits till the end for a special secret reward.

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