focus.pngFOC/US was originally meant to be a 7DFPS game that wasn't finished in time for the event, so developer Felix Park spent the next couple of months polishing it further before releasing the final version on the internet. The story is set inside a room with bare furnishings and a bed that you woke up from, but looking around a little you'll notice a camera on the table that can be interacted with. You will want to play FOC/US first before reading further if you don't want any surprises to be ruined for you.


Instructions on how to operate the camera is written on a corner of the table, though something else on it will quickly catch your attention. Using the camera focus to zoom in you'll discover a tiny person who asks you for a favour - find his other friends inside the room. Everyone you talk to will have a tale to tell, but listening to them till the end also provides you with a subtle hint on where the next person is hiding at.


Made using Unity, FOC/US is available to download now for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also play the browser version online via this link.

[Download FOC/US]