ossuary demo image 1.pngMajesty of Colors and Beneath the Waves developer Gregory Avery-Weir and his wife Melissa have crafted an all-original demo to their dark adventure puzzle, Ossuary. The new demo is available for browsers and as a OSX or Windows download, and it sees the player explore a strange middleworld before proceeding to the "place of bones".

ossuary demo image 2.pngLike the main game, the player has to learn how to talk to the inhabitants to gain access to new areas, new items, and new information. For instance, you have to use logic to deduce which order to activate the above-pictured switches to open a door.

While the main game of Ossuary is based on Discordianism, this demo is not. It still sets the tone for the bizarre dialogue and haunting music that accompanies the often text-based puzzles in the $5 full game, now available via the Humble Store checkout.

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