copy kitty.pngCopy Kitty for Windows is a spastic action game that has grown its fan base, and now developers Azure Lazuline and Raibys seek approval for an enhanced 'Turbo Edition' via Steam Greenlight. The game combines Mega Man style platforming and weapon cloning but slices up the stages into 75 shorter battles.

The story goes that playable character Boki wants to be a hero one day but doesn't think she's ready. To help hone her skills, her uncle sends her into a simulation to do battle with tons of robots. She then learns how to go beyond merely copying abilites to combining up to 3 at once, resulting in over 350 unique combinations.

The planned Turbo Edition will include a second playable character with new moves and weapons, 15 more missions and 4 new bosses, a new mode which randomizes enemy properties each playthrough, an expanded database with more information about the enemies and world and, most importantly, rainbow letters on the title screen.

The developers cite Treasure games, Ristar, and even the mighty Earth Defense Force 2017 for inspiration, but it's clear from the genesis of Copy Kitty in 2011 that Mega Man X had a strong influence.

[Download Copy Kitty | Copy Kitty Turbo Edition on Steam Greenlight]