1111_pt_1.jpg1111 pt 1 from Jim Shepard took the "one" Ludum Dare 28's You Only Get One quite seriously. This person built a nifty space shooter in under 48 hours in which all of your bullets are ones and all of your enemies are other numbers. Get the ones, don't hit the other numbers, and watch your own ship level up as you collect the ones that drop from your enemies when they are destroyed.

The control scheme is simple; using the arrow or WASD keys, you can use forward and backwards thrusters or change the direction you are facing; z or space shoots. The physics are a bit strange for space, since you slow down instead of continuing endlessly, but the controls work smoothly and it doesn't take long to get the hang of playing.

Enemy 2s, 3s, 4s, etc. have different movement and attack patterns, as well as greater and greater hit points. Furthermore, the even numbers effectively break in half when destroyed; an 8 becomes two 4s, a 4 becomes two 2s. Everything eventually breaks down into 1s, which spiral towards you as you move around.

The 1s you collect act as experience, and when the bar at the top gets full, you level up. Your ship changes shape and firing pattern. The first few ships play about the same, but the later ships all play very differently and in very satisfying ways.

Overall, it's a really fun game. It's only available for Windows, but it does not require an install. Check it out on the Ludum Dare entry page.