Standstill Girl.pngSky Scraper Project's Windows freeware Standstill Girl is a turn-based RPG about the adventure of a girl who wanders to where the hands of the Great Clock have scattered. You see, without the hands, life in the Land of Time has come to a standstill, except for some helpful blobs and harmful enemies.

You'll want to talk to or sometimes battle the blob-like Shadelings to get rare items, but the main goal of each level is to destroy blue-colored cogs so you can eventually destroy a pink-colored cog, all in a greater effort to, well, you'll see.

Battles are swift with few menus. You get new moves mostly by using the default moves a certain number of times. Some new moves require storing up extra "EC", which seems best done by defending for a round.

After defeating each enemy, you earn skill points that you can use for one of three stats, often leveling up after every fight. Standstill Girl is also forgiving towards those who lose, allowing players to keep their stats and those blue orbs they destroy.

Standstill Girl was doubly recommended by Terry Cavanagh (thank you, sir!). The battle system and story are intriguing enough for me to also recommend this freebie, but those who want some gardening gameplay sprinkled on top are also in luck. If you have trouble running the game itself, even after running the RTPFaker, downloading and installing the original RPG Maker 2003 may help out, as it did for me.

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