ghostcinc2a.pngGhostControl Inc. is a turn-based strategy game that could probably be best described as X-COM meets Ghostbusters. In it, you get to hire a team of ghost hunters and send them out on spook-busting missions across the city of London. Similar to the movie that inspired this project, you'll be given a headquarters to use while waiting for distress calls from the city's residents. After accepting a job, it's time to pick a squad before driving up to the caller's destination.

At the scene of the haunting your ghost-busters can use high-tech sensors to find the spooks, weaken them with their weapons, then proceed with the capture using the ghost trap that the team had brought along. The ghosts also tend to make a mess when given the opportunity, so you'd have to be quick with the mission or else any damage to the property will be deducted from your pay.

Players can purchase new equipment from a store, while more experienced ghost hunters are available to hire back at the HQ. Upgrading your team's capabilities to catch ghosts is essential, since you're not the only ghost-busting team in town that's out to make a name for themselves.

The project was a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded back in July, and supporters who donated would already have a copy of the game sent out to them. The full version GhostControl Inc. is available to purchase now at £8.33 from the official site.