We all have interests we would like to see get more attention. One of mine happens to be gothic sidescrollers in the vein of Castlevania. Konami might be ignoring my interests, but when games like The 7 Towers are in development, that's just fine by me.

The game's hero is fighting to free a land from the binding power of the seven towers, each of which is controlled by a lost soul. His task is to enter these monolithic structures and defeat the ghosts that reside inside. There are two types of levels in The 7 Towers. The outdoor areas between towers are lengthy and perilous, lending more of an action feeling. The towers themselves are narrow and stretch vertically (two screens wide by ten high) and are full of puzzles to solve. Character transformations will play a role in the game as well, as you'll be able to turn into a wolf.

The developer, who goes by MrAwolf on TIGsource said the game is best described as a Ghosts'n'Goblins RPG. No information on platforms or release have yet been released.


[via TIGsource]