ordinaryIG.pngBundle In A Box has happily returned with a new bundle sporting 11 indie games, including surreal kung fu fighting game One Finger Death Punch, trippy action-puzzler Hairy Tales and the particularly musical QbQbQb. A significant portion of the proceeds will go to the AbleGamers Charity and $15 for every 100 sales to indie developers directly via the Indie Dev Grant that has already helped such projects as Maia and Under The Ocean.

All 11 bundled games are listed after the jump:

One Finger Death Punch
Cognition Episode 1
Slender: The 5 Pages
Rooks Keep
Isaac The Adventurer
Hairy Tales
Cognition Episode 2
The Grave Digger
Along Came A Spider

You can pick up 5 games for $1.99 and 6 more for less than $5 total.

*Disclaimer: I am a member of Kyttaro Games, helped organize the bundle and have been working for Bundle In A Box.*