With over 200,000 owners of rymdkapsel amassed, developer Grapefrukt (Martin Jonasson) has announced his minimalist RTS with tetromino spacestation parts is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam in January. The game is already available across Android, iOS, and PS-mobile supported devices.

The PC version will have two new game modes (including new monoliths and missions) and will come with an extended soundtrack. The developer has stated on Twitter that the new content will be exclusive to the PC for a limited amount of time, but they will eventually find their way to other platforms for free.

Grapefrukt has also begun selling 50 rymdkapsel OSTs on cassette tape with handcrafted covers for €5/$7. The purchase also includes digital download versions. The two tape sides equal about 30 minutes of music written and composed by Niklas Ström, with the tape design by Markus Scholz.

rymdkapsel OST tape.jpg

Right now you can get the original rymdkapsel for free if you have a PS Vita or a PS-mobile device or for cheap through the Android-only Humble Mobile Bundle.