hotlinet.pngHotline Trail is a fun little arcade racer that lets you ride a motorcycle on an endless winding road. The rules are simple: you lose the game if you ride off the path and fall towards the endless space in the background. You can only turn left or right, and the road is randomly generated from a handful of preset tracks. Occasionally when you're lucky you'll get a straight path to ride on, while other times the road generation algorithm will force you to make quick swerves back and forth.

Since you can only see some distance ahead of you (the rest of the track is cut off by a straight line through it), the gruff voice of a male announcer will warn you whenever the track is about to change. This gives you a split second to prepare yourself for any incoming sharp turns, and names like stairways, roundabout and slopes are used to clue you in on their shapes and patterns.

hotlinet2a.pngA hotseat two-player mode is included in the browser version, and the game is available to download from Google Play for your Android devices as well.

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