sirtet.pngRandall Li, one of the creators behind Async Corp and Glow Artisan, has released for iPad his new game Sirtet. Just as the name is a backwards spelling of Tetris, the puzzler is also a backwards form of Tetris. Players strategically place lines of blocks onto a grid to form tetrominos that can then be excised for points. You win if you clear all the blocks and lose if you cause the board to overflow.

Randall dubs Sirtet as "a secretly social game," but this is not apparent from the current build. I'm actually interested in his future plans to have a multiplayer version where one person is playing Tetris and the other is feeding the pieces back and forth. He told me he hasn't started coding it yet, but he has a vision for it.

The iPad version of Sirtet is available for $3 now. The iPhone version will release in January.