midora new.pngEpic Minds is seeking support to make its 16-bit action adventure Minish-y homage Midora, promising diverse lands, unforgiving dungeons, and puzzles to solve with the help of discovered tools and magic. The game foreshadows interesting gameplay with the heroine's power to manipulate the elements, particularly water, to restore harmony to her world.

Developer "Mhyre" discussed Midora's 2D Zelda inspirations and the tech behind the game earlier this year. Since then, the team has gone full time into development and has exhausted its resources, turning to Kickstarter to continue funding its international team of seven.

The team's Kickstarter pledge tiers suggest Midora will be ready for Windows, Mac, and Linux around July 2014, with a Beta available the month before. If further pledge goals are met, it will be ported to mobile and Ouya devices, and even further stretch goals will bring it to consoles.

As of this writing, Midora is almost at $2,000 of its $60,000 goal.

[Kickstarter for Midora]