Dyscourse is in the final days of it's fundraiser run and has yet to achieve its target, so it's only appropriate that we help Owlchemy Labs out by spreading the word about its upcoming survival game. In Dyscourse, you play as Rita, a coffee barista and a plane crash survivor stuck on an island with a group of other castaways. Owlchemy wants the game to focus on the story and human interaction elements, although you'd still have to survive the numerous dangers and animals who call the island their home.

Hunting, combat, and exploration will have their own parts to play in Dyscourse. As demonstrated by the Kickstarter video, results for any situation will differ depending on who you pick for a task. Since it's easy to get lost in uncharted territory, Owlchemy is also including a 'memory marker' system to help players find their way around the island. When you place a marker on the map, you can recall footsteps to show you how to return to that location at any time.

During the campaign, the developer announced an all-star "Indie Plane Crash" episode, featuring the likes of Tim Schafer, Edmund McMillen, Phil Tibitoski, Alexander Bruce, Ron Carmel, Robin Hunicke, Ichiro Lambe, Adam Saltsman, Will Stallwood, and Rami Ismail. Most recently, Owlchemy released the following in-game demonstration of where Dyscourse is headed:

Owlchemy Labs is seeking $40,000 in funding for the project, and the dev expects to have the full game completed sometime in September next year. The release platforms announced for Dyscourse are PC, Mac and Linux, although it isn't ruling out consoles and mobiles yet at the moment. A minimum fifteen dollar pledge will get you a Steam key and DRM-free downloads once the game is out.

[Dyscourse on Kickstarter]