Scraps is an upcoming multiplayer combat game featuring customisable vehicles that you can build from a variety of parts. Every component has a real life function, even if it's just to act as an extension or add weight to your car. Once you're done building, you can take it out to the grass field and test how well the vehicle drives when loaded up with a stackload of parts.

The game has been in development for over a year, and creator Bill Borman has put up a Kickstarter page to drum up funds for completion of his project. An early builder demo is available to try now, which you can download and start building your own monstrosities to drive around or just fire off a few rounds.

Currently the demo only showcases a small selection of parts, but that hasn't stopped eager builders from coming up with some incredible car designs. Future plans for Scraps include both multiplayer and single-player options, race modes, and a sandbox mode with no restrictions on the components you can use.

More information about Scraps for PC can be found over at its Kickstarter page.

[Scraps on Kickstarter]