thedaythelaughterstopped.jpgThis game has a TRIGGER WARNING.

It's not too often that we see a well-done serious game come out of Ludum Dare. The Day the Laughter Stopped by crabman of Hypnotic Owl is one. It's a piece of interactive fiction, and the text-based medium is used to its fullest. I don't think the author could have made the point better or with more impact as any other kind of game.

This is not a game to look to for fun, per se, as the trigger warning might suggest. It is, however, worth experiencing. The author is pretty adamant about the experience being very much spoiled by spoilers and I agree. If the trigger warning worries you, the game itself contains full details about the nature of the triggers which are easily accessible from the menu of the game itself.

In lieu of a traditional postmortem, the author has written an extensive blog post about what led him to create this piece of interactive fiction and why he thinks the topic is so important. It's a good read about a topic relevant to society and personal to him.

[ Play the game | Read the blog post ]