princess kingdom.pngThe 48-hour competition for Ludum Dare 28 has ended with almost 1,400 entries submitted. We can expect hundreds more for the 72-hour jam to come by tomorrow. Picking the first game always feels tough, so I'm just going to dive in with the first that caught my eye and held my attention for longer than a few minutes: Nicolas Cannasse's Princess Kingdom.

Nicolas did quite well with his LD24 entry, Zelda-like Evoland, and Princess Kingdom feels like another solid entry. The game takes Farmville or Candy Box simulation style gameplay and strips down the farming of resources to allow players to "only get one" of whatever they need, which plays to LD's theme. You start off getting only one seed, which can be planted for one piece of wheat, which can then be used to make one beer, which can then fuel fighters and subdue their fear, and so on...

A tip for when using the princess: the space bar lets her emit a short-ranged attack.

A tip for playing the game: it doesn't seem to save, so be willing to go all the way in one sitting.

[Play Princess Kingdom]