A dream job for many armchair paleontologists everywhere might be that of a Dinosaur Ranger. It's a dream job because you'd work with dinosaurs, but also because it isn't real. However, if you were ever curious about how an interview for such a position might go, you have only to look toward Udell Games' Ludum Dare entry Dinosaur Ranger Interview: Burrito Challenge SUPREME.

The interview starts off normally, as far as Dinosaur Ranger interviews would probably go, but eventually it starts to swerve like a drunk driver on black ice until the very end. You'll participate by typing the answers to the interview questions word-for-word. Your accuracy fills or detracts from a meter. Type the sentence correctly before you run out of juice to move on to the next question.

I'd recommend turning the text speed up all the way. While hilarious, some of the scenarios are a little lengthy to watch scroll across the screen more than once should you fail a section. Even still, Dinosaur Ranger Interview: Burrito Challenge SUPREME is not too long an experience and worth seeing through to the end.

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