clickmas2a.pngMerry Clickmas is a Christmas-themed clicking game in the same vein as Cookie Clicker, Candy Box, and Clicking Bad. Filling in for Santa, your objective here is to save Christmas by making toys and wrapping the presents for delivery to every person in the world. That means preparing 7.1 billion gifts in total, though you can speed things up by enlisting the help of elves and buying machines to automate the present-wrapping tasks.

The presents that you've made are also used as currency for purchasing upgrades and modifiers. You can buy festive songs which encourage elves to work faster, acquire mirrors to produce copies of each item manufactured, or get a reindeer stable to speed up deliveries. There's even a guessing mini-game included, where you have to figure out what kind of decorations would be fitting for the Christmas tree in the stable.

You can begin spreading Christmas cheer early this year by clicking on the link provided below.

[Play Merry Clickmas]