It's the holidays, so for many folks, cash is tight. Maybe you'd like to get someone a great gift and you just don't have a lot of scratch to spend. Maybe you'd like to buy yourself a game or two, but again, you're low on dough. The Indie Capsule Bundle has just the deal for you, lumping seven great Steam games together for a really low price.

The list of titles available in this bundle is as follows:

- Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Windows)
- Blood of the Werewolf (Windows)
- Slender: The Arrival (Windows)
- And Yet it Moves (Windows, Mac)
- Plain Sight (Windows)
- Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time (Windows, Mac)
- Snuggle Truck (Windows, Mac)

You can get all these games for $3.50 over at Bundle Allstars, each providing a Steam key. Also, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has removed its previous Games For Windows Live requirement, allowing you to play it without Microsoft's discontinued program.