mytreasure2b.pngMyTreasure is a puzzle game in which you have to help an explorer retrieve relics from ancient tombs and ruins. You can't control the hero directly, but it's possible to spin the room around repeatedly until he arrives at the golden idol.

There's no limit to the amount of moves that players can make, though extra awards are given out for each puzzle solved using the fewest moves possible. You can always replay a level or skip a couple, but the harder puzzles are only accessible after you've achieved the number of required treasures to unlock them. A level editor is included as well, and players can use it to create puzzles of any shape or difficulty.

The game was originally designed by Tiny Touch Tales under a different name (Tiny Tomb Robber) for the Stencyl game jam contest. Since then they have developed and released Zuki's Quest, a fully-fleshed out version of their winning entry from the competition.

MyTreasure is available to download as a .jar file or for Android here.