Every time I decide I have had enough platformers to last me a lifetime, there comes something so novel and so well crafted I simply have to take another dive into that 30 years old genre. This time, it had to be Teslagrad that dragged me once again into platforming; a game that cunningly used its many charms and enthralled me.

Teslagrad, you see, besides referencing a certain geek-favoured scientist, is a really good game and a truly seamless experience. There are no loading screens or cut-scenes to interrupt the action and all of its storytelling is done both visually and during the gameplay itself. Couple that with fluid controls and cartoon quality visuals and you'd already have a fine offering, but it seems that Rain Games were aiming even higher.

They thus went on and created a big, steampunk, non-linear world filled with proper puzzles and retro-esque boss fights. A world where playing with electromagnetism and apparently good old vanilla magnetism is key to progressing and exploring. A nigh on perfect world to jump around, that, despite a few niggles one might have here or there, makes for the best platformer I have encountered since Thomas Was Alone.

Teslagrad is available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines from Steam, GOG and Desura.