notrobot2a.pngNot the Robots is a procedural-generated stealth game about a robot that has to eat furniture in office buildings. It sounds absurd, but the game is actually tons of fun if given the chance. To travel from one floor to another, you have to devour a set number of office furniture while avoiding detection by deadly robotic drones that shoot at you on sight. Once the objective has been achieved, it's time to sneak to the elevator and ride it to the next level.

The campaign offers increasingly challenging buildings for you to explore, and since permadeath is in effect if you lose you'll have to start back at square one with none of the upgrades you've collected. It's not all bad news though - by acquiring multipliers and bonuses, you can unlock permanent buffs and special upgrades that are automatically applied when playing the story mode in future attempts.

Rushing through a floor is never recommended, and in most situations you'd have to pick the right moment to spawn as well. Some areas require the player to walk over numbered pads first (counting down) before they can proceed with their escape. Health is replenished by collecting medical boxes, and should you find your inventory slots full you can drop an item by holding down the F key for a couple of seconds.

Not the Robots can be purchased now from Steam at a discounted price of $5.99 (40% off, offer ends on 19th December). A demo build is also available to play at Kongregate.