core of innocence.pngPudding Hat Games' Core of Innocence offers an adult-themed exploration platformer / metroidvania with loads of weapons, spells, backtracking, and fanservice*. While the art style may not appeal to everyone, those craving a large adventure with solid controls can sink a few hours into this one. This is the first adult-themed action game in recent memory I've played with a mutli-level censhorship option, though this doesn't clean up enemies such as the one above.

Slightly spoilerish but you'll start out with an awfully close ranged dagger. After a few dead enemies, you'll pick up a shortsword for longer attacks, which must be equipped in the extensive character stat screen. Be sure to save often and run through rejuvination ponds to keep the momentum and not lose all that loot.

Also, don't worry about those out-of-reach areas, you'll get a double jump power up after the first boss fight. Lastly, the more social you are, the more side quests you'll earn, but I believe you won't need to talk to anyone if you want to get into the action, which looks like this:

Pudding Hat Games made Core of Innocence with Multimedia Fusion 2, which is currently available at a pay-what-you-want price this week through the Humble Weekly Sale, in case this game inspires you to make your own metroidvania.

Core of Innocence is available for Windows and should run well under WINE in Linux.

[*Edit: While I only came across women's body parts, developer Don James told me that there are a few guy parts shown in game, but they are harder to spot.]

[Thanks for the link, @FusionScene]