olympiar.pngPaleozoic has just released a new demo for their upcoming 2D platformer Olympia Rising, hoping to seek some comments and feedback from players who are willing to give it a try. In it you play as a woman who is given another chance at life, so that she may perform heroics again and save the world from danger. But before she is able to do so, she has to escape from the underworld by riding a flood of acid upwards and back to the land of living.

After reading a couple of scrolls explaining your current situation, you'll encounter a deathly figure who asks for coins from you. Past the gates is where you'll find the coins, but your way up and out is fraught with dangers such as bats, guards, and the ever-rising acid pool that dissolves anything it touches.

The demo for Olympia Rising is playable at the link supplied below.

[Play Olympia Rising]