onetwo.jpgone-two (一-二) is a vertical-scrolling shoot-'em-up with four stages to play through. It features your standard mid and end-level boss fights, a healthy dose of bullets to dodge, and an option system in which you can decide to focus or disperse your shots at the press of a button. Bombs recharge very quickly, and you'll need to use them often to stay alive when the screen gets busy.

In the configuration menu players can modify settings like the number of lives they would like to start with, toggle between one or infinite continues, or play in TATE mode for the best shmup experience. You get better scores if you can keep a combo going, though most players will just be happy with reaching the end of any stage without losing too many lives.

The Mac and Windows version of one-two is available to download from the link provided below.

[Download one-two]