orbitalis3b.jpgStrictly adhering to its Ludum Dare 28 theme ("You Only Get One"), 0RBITALIS is a simulation game that allows you just one chance to launch a satellite before leaving it to the mercy of gravitational pulls from other planets. Your objective here is to figure out which direction to push the satellite so that it won't smash into any other objects while staying on screen for a couple of seconds.

A white gauge will start to fill up after you've launched the satellite. Players are only able to proceed to the next level when the indicator makes a complete circle. The predicted path of travel will also dynamically correct itself as smaller stars circle around bigger ones, moving to block your way just when you think you have a safe moment in space.

You can play Alan Zucconi's 0RBITALIS on Newgrounds, or rate the game at its Ludum Dare entry page linked below.

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