overgrow.jpgWolfire Games' 3D brawler Overgrowth is available to purchase on Steam's Early Access starting this week. Though still in production with no completion date in sight, early adopters who bought the game can partake in the sandbox mode or try out its modding tools right now. If you've pre-ordered it before, you can add the game to your Steam library and receive updates automatically whenever they are available to download.

As the successor to Lugaru, Overgrowth boasts a dynamic fighting system that accomodates contextual input, allowing for attacks from any direction. In addition to the arena mode the alpha build also features several challenge levels to play through, with a proper campaign mode promised for a future update when it is ready.

Overgrowth can be purchased on Steam's Early Access page at a discounted price of $24.99 (17% off, offer ends next month). However, if you choose to buy it from the Humble Store at you'll also receive Wolfire's Receiver and Low Light Combat for free.