papersor2b.jpgPaper Sorcerer is a new role-playing game by Ultra Runaway that tries to mix the old and the new with interesting results. Combats are conducted in a turn-based manner while exploration is set in a first-person view with interactive 3D objects and environment. The game begins by telling you a story about a group of heroes who managed to defeat an evil sorcerer and trap him (or her, you get to pick the gender) inside a magical book. Playing the role of the magician, you wake up in a cell and will quickly discover that you're not the only captive kept in the paper prison.

After a bit of exploration around the dungeon, you'll be offered the opportunity to add new members to your party. These guys are nothing like your stereotypical heroes: werewolves, vampires, witches and even the undead all hope to join you in your quest to escape and seek vengeance on your captors.

A demo with four playable levels is available to download from Ultra Runaway's site. Paper Sorcerer can be purchased for only $5, and saves from the trial version will transfer over to the full game. The game was also recently Greenlit, so a Steam release is imminent.

[Download Paper Sorcerer]