Cowboys vs Monsters is an upcoming real-time strategy game that's already been in development for about a year. Combining elements from Dune 2, Command & Conquer and Dungeon Keeper with a Wild West setting, players are tasked with defending their base camp from enemies, mining gold for building defenses, and recruiting cowboys to protect valuable resources.

There are various character classes that you can round up to join your posse. Prospectors are the only people that can dig or capture land. Cowboys will build items for you if you provide them with a bed and a steady supply of moonshine. These gunslingers carry six-shooters that can be used to defend themselves from enemy ambush. Other classes such as snipers, TNT experts, and rapid-firing cowboys are also available to hire at a cost.

cowboyvs.jpgSimilar to Dungeon Keeper, you can use crates to build your defenses and barricades. A cowboy on the map representing the player is the only character that can be controlled directly. If he dies, then you lose the game, but you'll need him to capture landmarks as well.

Last 17 (creators of the Populous-inspired Reprisal) hopes to have the Cowboys vs Monsters done by sometime next year, with PC, Android and iOS as its currently-targeted release platforms.