push2a.pngIn Patacorow's Ludum Dare 28 entry PUSH, you play as an explorer who has to retrieve a golden idol from a cave full of boulders. Compared to the rest of his spelunking peers, our hero is rather weak and can only push one object per level. Making an incorrect move means you'll get stuck, and the only option left after that is to reset the entire room.

It leads to some clever brain teasers, since players have to pause often and think about which boulder to exert their remaining strength on. Because the game doesn't penalize players for idling about, you can spend as much time as you want planning your next action. Latter levels introduce elements such as switches that activate arrow and flame traps, unsafe ground which collapses as soon as you step off them, and perhaps even another adventurer to join you in your hunt for the idol.

PUSH is available to download for Windows from the Ludum Dare site.

[Download PUSH]