fjords.jpgAs part of a "one-day yuletide coincidence sale," Fjords for Windows and Mac has been heavily discounted from $7 to $1.33, making its bizarre world more financially accessible for those who enjoy exploration platforming and hackable gameplay.

However you know Kyle Reimergartin from the blog (lazer catz and elephant kiss seem to be the most known names), the dev has released several free games for us to enjoy since 2009. Maybe you recall his games such as Shoot the Butts, Together Fight!: Friendly Hat Spirit, or Magic Planet Snack?

Well now Kyle's experimenting with asking for some spare change for his games, which makes use of the cross-save project Sharecart1000.

In Fjords, players must deliver pizzas to world-destroying scientists using grappling hooks, sailboats, and most importantly, hackable terminals, used to adapt the world as needed. It's as crazy to describe as it is to play and as it is to watch:

For those wanting a complex world to invest a lot of time into exploring and experimenting with, just in time for the holidays, Fjords may be just what you need at a small price that won't make you hesitate.

[buy Fjords from GUM or ITCH]