riskofdeath5b.pngRisk of Death is a survival arena platformer developed by Dushan Chaciej in just under a week, and as you can tell by its title the game draws quite a bit of inspiration from the excellent Risk of Rain. It features a trio of characters to choose from, and each of them has four different abilities that they can use in combat. There's the Pyromancer who is a master of fire-based magic, an Aqua Mage who can manipulate water elements, and finally the Trickster who specializes in melee and speedy attacks.

Unlike Risk of Rain, there's no procedural-generated levels to play here. The game includes just one map with new enemy waves teleporting in to attack you after every fifteen seconds. Defeating your adversaries will generate coins to collect, and you can use them to purchase items from the wizard's tower at any time during battle.

Both the Mac and Windows versions of RoD are available to download at IndieDB. The latest update introduces a new playable character named Santa Kraus and a winter-edition map complete with festive trimmings.

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