Being on vacation is supposed to help you unwind. Take away the stress of the normal day to day routine. Allow you to escape. It's not hard to imagine why the situations presented in Vacation Vexation would be frustrating, even infuriating. That's why you have to do something about it.

Everything and anything is out to annoy you and put a crimp in your chill, seaside vibes in Vacation Vexation. There's a nearly naked man hogging the beach, a loud-ass ice cream truck and loudly complaining art yuppies. You'll have to use the items found in the environment to solve the problems of those around you, or distract and redirect the attention of others. In traditional adventure game styles, there's a lot of trial and error before you find the logical piece to solve each puzzle.

If you're into solving virtual problems, you can find this one on Ouya, iOS and Android for $2, and XBLIG for $1.