soundrid.pngSound Ride is a recently-released auto runner game for iOS devices that is very much in the style of Gaijin's Bit.Trip Runner series. In it, you play as an absent-minded scientist named Kiwi who has just lost his memory due to an unfortunate spider bite. He figures that to restore his memories he has to keep running, with a piece of the story revealed every time players arrive at a new stage.

During the run, you'll have to collect coins and jewels to add to your score. New layers of music are added whenever Mr. Kiwi collects sound coins as he make his way across the landscape. The campaign is currently split into two zones of ten stages each, with more to come in future updates. There's also a Daily Race mode that you can participate in, featuring new randomly-generated levels to play through every day.

Sound Ride is available now as a free download on the App Store.