sfrozenk2b.jpgsuperfrozenkittengetsonlyonesecretbottleforyou (superfrozenkitten for short) is a Unity game made by Evil Indie Games for the Ludum Dare 28 compo. In it you're supposed to find a secret bottle hidden somewhere in the city before time runs out. Normal milk bottles can be collected to add seconds to the timer, and you can use the directional arrow at the bottom of the screen to guide you towards your next objective.

Points are added to your score whenever a bottle is retrieved. There are doubts about the existence of the secret bottle, since those who had tried the game have so far failed to discover its hiding place. Nevertheless if you have a thing for unconventional games with anthropomorphic kittens in it, then this one's for you.

[Download superfrozenkitten, or play via your browser]