sushisnk.pngSushi Snake is a puzzle game in which you get to guide a snake around a maze of blocks, attempting to eat all dots in the area to proceed from one level to the next. The last dot eaten by the snake will change its colour, and this can lead to a couple of sticky situations when more snakes and hues are brought into play.

A block can be eaten if it's a different colour than the snake, but you can only move forward until the entire block has been swallowed whole. In latter stages you'll have to guide two or more snakes at the same time, and all of them will move together in the same direction whenever you swipe at the screen.

Snakes can devour each other as well, though no matter what happens they will never resort to eating themselves even when they're completely stuck. A convenient undo button is included for players to rewind their actions one move at a time, and if you want to skip puzzles quickly there's even an unlock all option provided in the settings menu.

Sushi Snake is available to purchase now from the App Store at only $1.99.