theroom.pngth3 r00m is an atmospheric arcade adventure game that tasks the player with following a set of instructions on a dimly lit screen. The first request from the mysterious god who speaks to you is to head out of the room and deactivate a set of lasers. Later on you'll find weapons like a gun and bombs to collect, and you can use these to protect yourself from enemies such as the mechanical spiders and floating robot drones.

Once you've deactivated the lasers, you'll be asked to find a compass in the southwest corner of the field. The compass will point you in the direction of your next objective, and it can be very useful in locating the whereabouts of hard to find items. Depending on how good you are at shooting stuff and navigating around traps, it takes about fifteen minutes or so to play the entire thing from start to end.

The Windows and Linux version of th3 r00m is available to download from the Ludum Dare site.

[Download th3 r00m]