artofd.pngTrue to its name, Jan Simon's The Art of Dying is a 2D platformer that features very challenging levels for players to beat. In it you play as a nondescript character who has to traverse past traps to reach the exit door, gathering gold and treasures along the way. The doors will only unlock once you've acquired the minimum number of treasures in each room, so be sure not to leave too many of them uncollected else you'll be forced to backtrack past the same traps that you just came from.

To assist him on his adventure, our hero also has a handful of abilities at his disposal. He can swing his sword to dispatch certain enemies, double jump, do a spin attack, or slide to destroy crates and adversaries in his path. Gamepad support is included in The Art of Dying, though some might argue that keyboard controls work better for games which require pixel-perfect precision for jumps.

There are currently two campaigns with varying difficulty to play through, and each of them features a set of six levels to complete. Should that not be enough, you will be able to acquire more custom levels once the community has begun making a few and shared them online. The Art of Dying is available to download now from the AGS site.

[Download The Art of Dying]